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Venetian Nail Spas were originally designed in 2001

Our goal as a Palm Beach nail salon is to provide the highest quality of services, offering environmental lifestyle products to each of our clients under the highest standards of business ethics.

  • At Venetian Nail Spa of Alton Town Center, we are dedicated to bringing the top of the line products mixed with expert technique to the nail salon industry. As a Palm Beach nail salon, our spa services allow us to be a one-stop destination for those looking for a complete rejuvenating experience. The friendly staff creates an atmosphere of urban relaxation. We are always trying to be innovative with design and trend, always up-to-date with what the industry has to offer.

    We understand that Safety and Sanitation are key to your peace of mind. Therefore, it is imperative that our standards are in place for the health and safety of our guests and employees. Our staff is well trained to follow a proper sanitation protocol that puts client’s hygiene as the number one priority. You can trust that every visit is safe and sanitized.

    Are you ready to enjoy your best enjoyable spa experience with us? Give us a call or click on “online booking” to schedule your Palm Beach manicure, massage, or facial appointment today.