Today we’d like to introduce you to Tony Trieu.

Tony, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

In 2002, Tony Trieu filled a void in the salon industry by starting a high-end salon brand that they believed would ultimately dominate the salon and spa market. The name for such a concept, similar to other well known brands, would be extremely important in creating market presence and it was Mia Le who suggested Venetian Nail Spa. The market, prior to Venetian Nail Spa, was dominated by small scale salons that were mostly individually owned. These salons were good at what they did, but was not able to cater to the higher end clientele that wants more than just getting their nails painted. They were lacking in customer service, ambiance, and could not deliver a satisfactory experience to the mid to higher end clientele. Upon recognizing the smaller salon’s shortcomings, Tony decided to build a brand centered around the idea of high quality services, relaxing ambiance, and great customer service at a median price. It was...